About us

Cruz Blanca is a non-profit organization and religious association founded in 1958 by Bishop Ricardo Durand, SJ. With the purpose of "working for the integral formation of children lacking economic resources, in their religious-moral, patriotic, cultural and human aspects, seeking, above all, their attention in the times and circumstances in which they are neither in their family nor in school; attending to the child mainly during school vacations".


We work for the integral formation of vulnerable children and adolescents during their school years, helping them to develop values and life skills.


In 2032, the children and adolescents of Cruz Blanca have a consistent integral formation that makes them capable of being agents of change in their environment.

Our values

  • Solidarity
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Gratitude


Strengthen the values and life skills of vulnerable children and adolescents in Ancón, Lima.





Cruz Blanca is founded by Bishop Ricardo Durand.


The Marian Community of Reconciliation takes charge.


The program "Cruz Blanca Missions" begins


"Cruz Blanca Educa" and "Cruz Blanca en Acción" begin.

The core of our actions

Games and recreation


Safe and healthy environments


Practice of good manners


Formation in values


Our Team

Cyntia Machado

General Manager

Ingrid Alva

Coordinator of Volunteering

Rosana Nunes

Coordinator of Human Resources

Lourdes Paredes

Coordinator of Cruz Blanca Educa

Lara Montoya

Coordinadora de Pastoral

Hazel Rodríguez

Coordinator of Family Counseling

Samantha Yamashiro

Executive Assistant

Elisabeth von Ketteler

Coordinator of Sustainability