Cruz Blanca is a Peruvian non-profit (registered charity) that provides camps and other activities for poor children from the Shanty Towns of Lima so that they can play, receive formation and truly enjoy being children.

Children attend our camps throughout the year. They come from the poorest districts of Lima and Callao, Peru. For the first time in 2011 we received a group of children from the Highland city of Huaraz.

Cruz Blanca is located in Ancón, near Conchitas beach, 46km north of Lima.

Every year we receive around 1500 boys and girls, and since our foundation in 1958, 45,000 children have passed through our camps, and today many of them are respectable and honest adults working to build a society based on values.

Children enrolled in orphanages, canteens, parishes and other associations from the Shanty Towns of Lima, Peru attend Cruz Blanca. The parents of some of them attended the camps in their youth and now want their children to have the same experience that they had as they remember gratefully the role Cruz Blanca has played in their human formation.