In order to be a Cruz Blanca volunteer, all you require is the firm desire to share one or two weeks of your time with the girls and boys who participate in the camps and who need your help. It is a beautiful occasion to give of yourself generously, but at the same time you will receive much in return.

The Cruz Blanca volunteer is characterized by the following:

- willingness to share her talents and capacities with the boys and girls
- great sense of responsibility and commitment
- good physical and psychological shape
- great sense of humor
- respect for the teachings of the Catholic faith
- minimum conversational Spanish

These characteristics contribute to the enjoyment of the children while at
Cruz Blanca and ensure that they experience an unforgettable vacation in which they receive formation whilst having a lot of fun.

If you want to know more about volunteering at Cruz Blanca, contact us at:

Participate as a volunteer and you’ll never forget it! It will change your life forever!